mandoola miyoga

The Miyoga style has been developed by the Centre’s founder since Miyoga began over 30 years ago in Melbourne.

The tradition of Miyoga primarily stems from Hatha yoga and integrates Qi gong, Kundalini Yoga, mantra, meditation, relaxation and Self enquiry. In fact, Miyoga borrows from a great many traditions in the spirit of integration and deep unification.

It has been described as a form of moving meditation, designed to increase awareness and integrate body, mind and feeling. Our awareness of the body is increased through movement and our thoughts and feelings through breath, focus and stillness.

By adapting the traditional yoga poses to the body’s needs, rather than the other way around, we are able to challenge ourselves physically without injury and achieve the maximum benefit.

At the Club we promote discovery and self acceptance rather than comparison, judgement and criticism.  Yoga is then a slow unraveling that takes place each time we enter our practice, surprising us anew, like the unwrapping of a gift – the gift of our individual self, the discovery of our own yoga experience – then we can truly call it Miyoga!